replace 2.24 - The sane person's alternative to sed

Here's a brief summary of replace:

The replace package, first released way back in 1994, provides a much easier way than sed of replacing one or more strings with others in one or more text or binary files or from standard input.

Features include:

For a full history of how replace has progressed over the years, there's a ChangeLog available. If you're still not convinced, there's a comprehensive man page to inspect and you can look at the README too.

You can download the source code to the latest replace release, 2.24, here:


You can also download pre-compiled replace 2.24 binaries:

Note: The HP-UX binary depots are gzipped and there's installation instructions for those depots available.

I'm interested in binaries compiled for other platforms - please e-mail [email protected] if you have successfully built binaries on a non-HP-UX platform and wish to contribute them here.

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